Client Success Stories

ConvergeOne has a long, proud history of helping clients solve problems and achieve success — with technology solutions that are creative, independent, forward-thinking, and tailored carefully to each client’s specific needs and circumstances.

In some instances, ConvergeOne has quickly rescued a new client from a business emergency, forging a valued relationship that has flourished over decades. Click any of the links to below to read featured success stories.

Javelin Pharmaceuticals Succeeds With RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company

During their company’s startup phase, the executives of Javelin Pharmaceuticals dedicated their attention to building a successful business. This is why they looked to RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) for effortless, worry-free communications services.

But their rapid success created a new issue: They had outgrown their Rockefeller Center offices and needed to move to larger quarters. Finding new space was one thing, but outfitting it with the right technology required a whole new level of sophistication. Fortunately, Javelin didn’t have to look far. RGTS — Javelin’s telecom, Internet, and data services provider at Rockefeller Center — created a technology relocation plan and seamlessly executed it. Through a careful consultation process, RGTS planned and configured the phone sets, extension numbers, and services at the new location; established a secure, reliable broadband communications link; installed, tested, and verified the new systems; and provided ongoing monitoring and management from the RGTS Network Operations Center.

“Running clinical trials means we can’t be without truly reliable communications services. So this move had us worried about what might happen if we couldn’t hit the ground running,” said June Gregg, Javelin Pharmaceuticals’ manager of corporate communications. “But RGTS just made the transition to a different location extremely easy and have continued to do so as we’ve moved further and further away from Rockefeller Center.”

From a Single Office to Dual Locations

Subsequently, Javelin established a second office in Cambridge, MA, and transferred its headquarters there, as many of its officers and directors are established in the Boston area. Javelin chose RGTS to provide telephone, data, and Internet access services for its Cambridge office, and to integrate those services with its New York operations. During another Javelin expansion move in New York City, RGTS had integrated a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to deliver and manage advanced communications services over the same broadband links that carry Javelin's data and Internet access traffic. That configuration now provided a powerful, versatile platform to integrate communications with the new Cambridge office.

At both locations, Javelin employees quickly became accustomed to dialing just an internal extension to reach any colleague at either location, with indistinguishable speed and sound quality. And with a secure point-to-point resource linking the offices, Javelin employees enjoy integrated voice service and data file sharing, as well as video conferencing, email, and high-speed Internet access.

Leave It to the IT Experts

“Phones are mission-critical in this business, and with RGTS, I feel confident. I don’t have to be an IT expert; I know I can tell them what we need, and they will figure it out and explain to me how we go about it,” said June Gregg. “It just comes down to great, responsive customer service. From the account managers down to the technicians, they are ready to help 24 hours a day.”

RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company Brings Enterprise Performance to Japan Society

Japan Society, a nonprofit organization, is based in a five-story building on Manhattan’s East Side, where RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) designed and installed a comprehensive system for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service and Internet access.

Japan Society’s communications services are hosted and driven by the same powerful carrier-level infrastructure that RGTS built into the Rockefeller Center complex. The hosted approach provides Japan Society with affordable enterprise-level services, sparing them the capital equipment and staffing costs that make such services prohibitive for smaller businesses.

New Cabling Accepts PCs or IP Phones at Any Port – Instantly

RGTS began installation with a structured re-cabling of the entire building. Each workstation was outfitted with three Category-6 communication ports, each of which accepts and serves a VoIP phone, PC, or network printer instantly. The programmed extension numbers, call coverage paths, and feature configurations reside within the individual VoIP telephone sets, not in the cabling. So an individual can plug his or her phone into any port within the building at any time.

After RGTS and the Japan Society determined the need, RGTS configured and installed the new cabling system for the building without disrupting the daily operations or existing cabling within the building, and without being stymied by the absence of a core communication riser extending through the entire building.

Advanced VoIP Telephone Service, Faster Internet Access

RGTS’s VoIP telephone service offers a new generation of advanced performance features and broad flexibility to integrate with PC and data applications. RGTS configured 122 VoIP telephone extensions and 20 analog line extensions for fax machines and analog telephones for the Japan Society.

The installation included a sophisticated call center application that RGTS cost-effectively configured to distribute incoming calls among a small group of four or five staff members. The inflexible auto attendant was replaced with a new version that is significantly better and easier to manage. Japan Society’s staff members can now update their new auto attendant’s recorded messages and menu selections quickly and easily to keep up with the organization’s constantly changing calendar of programs, performances, and gallery exhibits. Internet access bandwidth is now twice the previous maximum speed and can be scaled on demand in precise increments up to 100 Mbps. These new functions provided significant productivity and flexibility gains.

Multiple Backup Layers To Assure Reliability

The reliability and resiliency of Japan Society’s new service, like that of virtually all RGTS clients, is, by careful design, extraordinarily high. A failure along any primary trunk line or at any central processor would be transparent to Japan Society staff members. Active redundant trunk lines and processors are ready to take over in milliseconds – too quickly for any voice call or data transfer to be interrupted. Failure tests performed on the new system proved its resilience.

The Japan Society’s hosted voice and Internet traffic flows across RGTS’s carrier-grade transport service on a private dedicated point-to-point fiber-optic circuit using infrastructure that is completely independent of the incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC). That traffic flows through RGTS’s core network in Rockefeller Center, where hosted services are monitored 24/7/365 by RGTS’s Network Operations Center staff. RGTS’s core network has redundant processors in physically remote buildings as well as multiple, physically diverse paths to the switched public telephone network and to the Internet.

Flexible, Creative Service Tailoring

To complement its delivery of the industry’s highest level of technology performance and reliability, RGTS is committed to working flexibly and creatively to tailor its services to the specific needs of each client.

Mayer Brown Supports Displaced Clients

“After the terrorist attack [9/11 on the World Trade Center], it felt like an act of defiance toward our enemies to simply go back to work to show them we were not defeated. So that’s what we did, and we immediately started looking for ways we could help everyone else that had been affected," said Herman Hines, Mayer Brown’s facilities manager.

A few weeks earlier, the firm had exercised an expansion option for an additional floor in its office building in midtown Manhattan. The managing partners seized on the idea of offering the space to their displaced clients. That offer was gratefully accepted – at which point Mayer Brown realized that those clients would be expecting phone service.

Double the Capacity – in a Weekend

“We suddenly needed to install 400 phone lines – double our capacity – overnight. Ok; actually, we had the weekend,” Mr. Hines stated. “I was running around getting desks, computers, printers, and RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) just went to work on the communications challenge.”

Beaming Communications Across the NYC Skyline

“They worked tirelessly: They put in brand new phones; strung all the new lines; provided the staff, the switch, the server. They were able to connect it, and everyone had voicemail, everyone had service – it was just amazing, because it also involved them rigging up laser technology to beam the phone traffic from our building to a rooftop receiver at their headquarters. And that's something that will always stick out in my mind. I was involved with other things. I didn’t even have to worry about how to get it done, because RGTS knew what to do, and they came in and they just got it done.”

Trial by Fire: Kaye Scholer’s 24-Hour Disaster Recovery

When a fire struck the midtown Manhattan headquarters of international law firm Kaye Scholer, employees were grateful to learn that no lives were lost and the injuries that were suffered were minor. But the company’s technology infrastructure was not as lucky.

“The phones were out, and we had no idea how extensive the damage was,” said John Palefsky, director of IT at Kaye Scholer. “Our attorneys manage complex litigation and major transactions for many of the world’s foremost organizations, and they could not afford to be out of contact even for a moment.”

Assessing the Damage

“We called RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) to evaluate the damage that was done to the telecommunications systems, what it would take to get it working again, and how we could hook up service immediately at a temporary location.”

The law firm’s crisis presented yet another real-life test of the disaster-recovery capabilities RGTS has developed and refined over the years. As Kaye Scholer attorneys and staff relocated to temporary offices, RGTS worked closely with facilities managers to provide all of the voice, data, and Internet access services that employees needed.

RGTS Laser Technology Provides the Solution

In less than 24 hours, RGTS established a broadband connection for Kaye Scholer, using a laser light system to beam communications traffic across several city blocks. The laser connection provided data networking and 4-digit dialing among the three temporary offices that Kaye Scholer occupied.

“In less than 24 hours, RGTS provided service for attorneys and support staff totaling more than 500 employees at three temporary locations, said Mr. Palefsky. “Frankly, I would never have thought it possible to have us back online in that kind of timeframe, but RGTS came through, just like they always do!”

Olympia Capital Stays Online With RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company

With millions of financial transactions to process each day, Olympia Capital has very little margin for error. Hedge fund clients rely on the firm to calculate sales loads, commissions, advisory fees, and operational expenses, as well as net asset values and prices, and report them accurately and on time. Olympia’s telephone systems and Internet connections have to deliver the highest level of reliability to meet this challenge on a daily basis. But despite the company’s best-laid plans, the realities of New York City’s crowded urban infrastructure often intrude.

Working Against the Clock

“We have some investors in Japan that need their statements at specific times every single night – so if we lose connectivity, we’re in big trouble,” says Erica Lay, who manages Olympia Capital's data environment. “Con Ed and Verizon often dig up their lines and accidentally cut our cable. And that puts us out of business until RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) creates a work-around or until we can get it fixed. So I worked with RGTS to set up a fail over system that gives us redundancy in our Internet connection.”

“The idea was to have one line through RGTS and another through Savvis – two separate T1 lines. Then, if one goes down, the system automatically fails over to the other one.”

A Fail-Safe Plan vs. Murphy's Law

“It looked good on paper. But we found out the hard way how even a fail-safe plan like ours can go wrong. Because even though the lines were from separate providers and entered our building in separate places, the lines were joined up for the final 50 feet to our offices. And, of course, that is exactly the place where Verizon accidentally cut a cable earlier this year.”

“Ultimately, our phones and T1 lines were down for about 48 hours. RGTS was able to provide us with three phone lines on an emergency basis, and I jerry-rigged a cable connection for limited Internet access. But the important thing was that RGTS was able to identify this single point of failure and do something about it. They actually worked with the building management to get another trunk line run into the building so that we can have two completely separate connections. And I can tell you, that was no small job. It involved getting permissions from and coordination with multiple players – the building owners, the utilities, even the City, because the street had to be ripped up. But RGTS made it happen.”

“And we haven’t had a problem since. They will actually call me and say, ‘Hey, one of your lines is down.’ And we won't even be aware of it, because everything just automatically switched over to our alternate line. And that makes my job a pleasure.”

RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company Provides Critical Support to the Absolut Best

With a majority of its total vodka sales occurring in North America, in 2001 Swedish-based V&S Group set up a US marketing organization in New York City for its Absolut brand of spirits. But with its IT department thousands of miles away, the firm contracted with RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) to provide a proxy for their hands-on style of management. Initially responsible for just setting up and maintaining telecom IT equipment and broadband services, RGTS now serves as the in-country representative of the IT organization in Stockholm.

A Growing Sense of Trust

Christer Forsberg, director of MIS/IT for V&S Absolut Spirits, said, “In the beginning, we looked to RGTS to provide the mechanics that our local people needed to be productive – the phone service, the internet connection, that sort of thing. We are very strict about our technology, which means we have a standard hardware policy, standard application management policy, etc. This ensures that all of the equipment and software used in our organization plays well together. So we very much want as much control as possible centralized here with us at headquarters. But over time, we started to see the benefits of letting RGTS play a more active role as our IT managers in the United States.”

“Early on, Verizon had something go wrong in the basement of our NYC offices. Here in Stockholm, where we monitor everything, we immediately detected that the T1 line was down, but because it was after-hours in the US, no one there knew anything about it.”

The Network Operations Center Takes the Ball and Runs With It

“We contacted the RGTS Network Operations Center Help Desk, which runs on a 24/7 basis, to ask for their help. And they were able to get things moving on the problem before our staff even arrived at work the next morning. Of course, it made us realize how much more efficient it would be to have their Network Operations Center doing the monitoring there, rather than us doing it from here.”

“If that were to happen now, RGTS would immediately see that there is a network failure, because they now do that monitoring for us. We have also had them set up a secondary ISP and a third redundant Internet T1, which automatically switches over in the case of a problem.”

Premium Products Require Premium Support

“You know, we make a premium vodka, so we understand paying a bit more in order to get the best. The people at RGTS are reliable and trustworthy. They do their best at all times, and the people we work with are superb. They really try to exceed expectations all the time. And they succeed. I can't ask for more than that in a partner," concluded Forsberg.

RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company On the Mark in Challenging DLA Conduit Project

In January of 2011, RGTS, a ConvergeOne Company (RGTS) began work as project manager for the second part of a three-phase project at the Defense Logistics Agency Depot in Tracy, CA. The eight-month project, in which RGTS has acted as a subcontractor for a DLA prime, called upon RGTS to manage and install 15,000 feet of new underground infrastructure conduit, including manholes and vaults.

RGTS was awarded this $1.4 million contract following its successful completion of the first phase of the project in 2009. The work on this decades-old depot has been challenging, requiring careful removal of asphalt, road boring and trenching, and methodical digging techniques to avoid hitting buried lines for gas, water, and other key utilities.

A Well-Earned Reputation for Outstanding Performance

Todd W. Adams, RGTS's Manager of National Projects, who has nearly three decades of experience in the telecommunications and networking industries, says RGTS was chosen for the initial contract because of past performance at the Depot and the IT personnel's satisfaction with the RGTS project management and implementation team.

The Right Tools for the Job

RGTS relied heavily on as-built documents showing the location of underground utilities, potholing to expose underground utilities, and visual inspections and locating services, all coordinated by an implementation team. Despite multiple change orders, RGTS completed the project on time and on budget with a very satisfied client.