ConvergeOne VoIP Phone Service

ConvergeOne VoIP Phone Service

ConvergeOne provides cost-effective enterprise-class VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service to match and boost the way your business operates.

Businesses of every type and scale gain powerful new technology tools, capabilities, and cost-saving opportunities — all from ConvergeOne's extensive experience designing, implementing, and managing VoIP services.

Businesses gain via three separate but complementary paths:

  • Convergence and leverage of VoIP service with computer applications, mobile apps, Web-based services, database applications, and cloud computing
  • Easy, seamless integration of VoIP service among remote office locations, traveling staff, and telecommuting staff
  • Ready access to thousands of new applications and productivity tools based on non-proprietary IP standards

ConvergeOne VoIP service of exceptional quality and reliability is delivered by ConvergeOne’s powerful proprietary redundant infrastructure — developed and enhanced continuously since 1984.

Because few clients fit comfortably into a cookie-cutter system, ConvergeOne works closely with you to plan and implement your VoIP service from start to finish.

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The ConvergeOne Remote Office IP Telephone provides features identical to those of the normal office phone, making it ideal for home-based contact center agents, telecommuting salespeople, and any other remote employees. Familiar features include short extension dialing, call transfer, and conferencing.

ConvergeOne engineers configure the VPN software into the Remote Office Telephone and ship it to the remote employee. All the remote employee has to do is plug the phone into a home broadband router and a standard electric wall outlet and it works. No other equipment or setup is needed.