Voice & Web Conferencing

Voice & Web Conferencing

ConvergeOne Voice & Web Conferencing solutions feature advanced technology, unsurpassed reliability, and 24-hour support by highly trained specialists.

Services are available when you need them, as you need them — to set up work groups, hold regular strategy planning sessions, make unscheduled announcements, manage urgent or crisis situations, or deliver high-impact graphic presentations via the Web.

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Recommended when you have high-profile meetings or critical announcements to make— from connecting with global partners to reporting quarterly earnings to conducting press conferences — Premium Service Audio Conferencing provides all the services of Operator-Attended Audio Conferencing, plus:

  • Continuous conference monitoring by ConvergeOne professional staff for help, security, and sound quality.
  • Post-event audio via streaming on your website, CD, or emailed digital audio file.
  • Transcription and translation services.
  • Dial-out: ConvergeOne operator contacts and connects any participants who have not dialed in, for whom names and phone numbers have been supplied.
  • Communication Link: Conference leader has a separate line to the ConvergeOne operator for discreet support off-line from the conference.
  • Q&A: Allows participants to submit questions off-line via instant messaging or email for subsequent answers by conference leaders or speakers.
  • Voting/Polling on issues raised via participants’ telephone keypads.