Voice & Web Conferencing

Voice & Web Conferencing

ConvergeOne Voice & Web Conferencing solutions feature advanced technology, unsurpassed reliability, and 24-hour support by highly trained specialists.

Services are available when you need them, as you need them — to set up work groups, hold regular strategy planning sessions, make unscheduled announcements, manage urgent or crisis situations, or deliver high-impact graphic presentations via the Web.

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Designed for sessions with 20 or more participants, Operator-Attended Audio Conferencing features a highly trained ConvergeOne operator who assists with scheduling, greeting, and connecting participants. The ConvergeOne operator also assists with all technical and administrative tasks, ensuring that each participant is able to focus on the business at hand.

  • Dial-in: Operator handles greeting and connection responsibilities.
  • Locked Conference Confidentiality: The leader can prevent additional participants or the operator from joining.
  • Lecture Mode: Leader can mute all lines except those of the speaker(s).