ConvergeOne Metro Ethernet

ConvergeOne Metro Ethernet

A Reliable, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Broadband Solution

Large or small, New York-metro area businesses can securely connect their offices to each other and access a broader service network, as well as the Internet, with ConvergeOne Metro Ethernet broadband solution.

The proprietary low-latency, high-bandwidth, fiber-optic infrastructure provides clients with the power to meet the widest range of capacity requirements — without costly equipment or extensive provisioning delays. The carrier-grade service also offers customized capacity: Clients have the flexibility to right-size the bandwidth they purchase to suit their precise needs.

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With its end-to-end Ethernet paths, the ConvergeOne Metro Ethernet:

  •  Minimizes network hops that can delay the processing of network data, thus assuring high-quality data throughput.
  • Reduces the time it takes to prepare and equip a network to provide new services to its users.
  • Includes 24/7/365 network monitoring of all routes to every destination serviced.
  • Offers the diversity and redundancy that are the foundation of a solid disaster recovery plan.
  • Enables clients to customize their capacity purchases.