Technology-Ready Building Management Services

Technology-Ready Building Management Services

Make Your Building Smart Enough To Satisfy the Demands of Technology-Intensive Tenants

When businesses consider new office space, many seek out buildings that can support technology-intensive operations, an array of IT service providers, and stringent requirements for data security and business continuity.

Financial companies, law firms, medical offices, real estate firms, and many other businesses now require robust, resilient data and telecommunications services. Technology has become a decisive factor in attracting and retaining these tenants.

ConvergeOne is highly experienced in helping building owners and managers secure the diverse technology services, protected building infrastructure, and knowledgeable supervision essential to:

  • Attract and retain tenants with demanding technology requirements
  • Command premium lease rates
  • Provide fair and ready access to diverse technology services and vendors for all tenants
  • Safeguard the building’s infrastructure and access to future technology service expansions
  • Protect building occupants and owners from the fire-safety hazards of abandoned and unidentified technology cabling

ConvergeOne’s Building Technology Management Services ensure smart building operations to satisfy the diverse technology demands of tenants, while protecting infrastructure and minimizing costs for the building owner.

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Address the Broad Range of Essential Service Requirements

Technology-Ready Buildings permit tenants to select from a range of service providers for voice, high-speed Internet access, technology management, video teleconferencing, network monitoring, off-site data backup, and other technology service needs.

ConvergeOne acts on behalf of building owners and managers to oversee the various technology service companies that require building access to provide their customers with essential voice, data, and Internet access services. ConvergeOne ensures that tenants receive the services they expect, without disrupting services to other tenants or damaging the building’s infrastructure.

ConvergeOne can help property owners:

  • Monitor and supervise the installation of tenant cabling inside the building’s shared vertical riser shafts to guard against damaging or crowding out other tenants’ cabling.
  • Manage building technology infrastructure of cable risers and service closets.
  • Assess the value and quality of the telecom services, equipment, and management solutions available to their tenants.