Office Relocation

ConverveOne ensures that clients’ technology needs are thoroughly anticipated and professionally secured, regardless of whether you are moving to a new location, expanding to additional space, or reconfiguring your facilities. Honed over decades of experience, ConverveOne’s technical expertise and project management capabilities help ensure a seamless transition of essential telecommunications services, no matter how complex the relocation. 

Office Relocation Checklist and Tips for a Successful Move

Moving can be stressful. The key to a successful move is careful planning. The following checklist will assist you in moving your offices to a new space.

4 to 12 Months Before Moving Day

Take the major steps that will shape the rest of the moving process:

  • Choose a real estate broker.
  • Find new space and sign the lease.
  • Meet with the building manager.
  • Set the budget.
  • Decide on the layout of the new location.
  • Identify major tenant improvement needs.
  • Start choosing contractors.
  • Obtain the necessary permits.
  • Create a master checklist of tasks.
  • Choose a move coordinator.
  • Order new phone and fax numbers.
  • Communicate plans and progress to employees.

2 to 4 Months Before Moving Day

Prepare to furnish and equip your new office.


  • Hire movers.
  • Order signage for new location.
  • Hire commercial cleaning service.
  • Order change of address labels.

Telecom and IT:

  • Order Internet access.
  • Evaluate and upgrade phone services.
  • Order additional phone lines.
  • Order long-distance service or VoIP services.
  • Evaluate server room needs.


  • Design office space and layout.
  • Order furniture systems.
  • Order desks and chairs.
  • Order essential office supplies and accessories.

1 to 2 Months Before Moving Day

Begin preparing your staff, customers, and suppliers for your change of address. Purchasing will center on equipment and services for the new office.


  • Assign office space.
  • Dispose of/donate unnecessary equipment, furnishing, and supplies from the old space.
  • Send change of address to all vendors.
  • Send change of address to all customers.
  • Update your web site to reflect the new location.

Office Equipment and Services:

  • Get insurance quotes for new space.
  • Arrange for copier move or buy new equipment.
  • Order monitored alarm system.
  • Order closed-circuit television.
  • Order keys, access cards.
  • Arrange for office coffee service.
  • Order vending machines.
  • Order checks and update financial records.

1 Month Before Moving Day

Keep in regular touch with your new landlord or building management team and let them know about your plans.

Preparing Existing Equipment and Supplies:

  • Inventory existing computers.
  • Inventory and tag existing furniture.
  • Store property that will not be moved.
  • Obtain moving crates/cartons.
  • Pack up common areas.
  • Tag all wall items and move to central location.

Preparing the New Office:

  • Build out new office.
  • Install systems furniture.
  • Install phone services.
  • Assign new phone numbers, extensions.
  • Order utilities.

Other Tasks:

  • Notify US Postal Service of change of address.
  • Order new stationery.

Last Week Before Moving Day

Avoid scheduling important client meetings and hiring new employees during this week.

Getting Ready To Leave the Old Office:

  • Pack up desks, personal spaces.
  • Back up computers.
  • Take down systems furniture.
  • Empty and clean any refrigerators.
  • Dispose of/donate unwanted equipment, furnishings, and supplies.

Final Prep for the New Office:

  • Map out the new location and label everything appropriately.
  • Inspect the new building.
  • Reserve freight elevators and loading docks.
  • Distribute new keys, cards.

Moving Day and Following Days

Make sure all services and contracts that are not being moved to new location have been cancelled:

  • Post coded signs in new office for movers.
  • Protect main moving paths.
  • Move plants.
  • Set up a “Lost and Found” system.
  • Clean out old office.
  • Collect old keys and cards.
  • Replace office art.
  • Periodically visit old office to pick up mail.
  • Schedule physical security if needed.
  • Schedule refresher phone training.

Relocation Checklist

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