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Password Reset Requests To RGTS Require Authorization

Posted September 18, 2016 | Security

To continue providing clients with the most secure, reliable services, RGTS has modified its password reset policy for voicemail, email, PC/network, and VPN access.

Beginning October 1, 2016, any request to RGTS to change or reset an access password must be submitted by an authorized representative within the client organization. If a client company has office locations or employees working in multiple time zones, RGTS recommends authorizing at least one representative in each time zone.

Although at times this policy might be a minor inconvenience, it is designed to help provide the best security for your company’s online data.

To submit contact information for authorized client representatives, or should you have any questions or concerns, please call your account representative or call RGTS at 212-282-2222.

Password Security Tips:

1. Never give your username or password to anyone.

2. Do not use names of family members, your street address, home or cell phone numbers, company names or abbreviations, or any personal information in your password. Although doing so may make it easier for you to remember, it also makes it easier for hackers to figure out your password and break into your account.

3. Avoid writing down your passwords. If you must, keep them in a safe place away from your computer and keyboard.

4. Avoid using the “Remember Password" feature of web browsers and other applications. Though convenient, such features pose a significant security threat if an unauthorized person gains physical or online access to your PC.

5. If you think your password has been compromised, notify a manager immediately and contact RGTS to disable the account temporarily while an investigation is conducted.

More on Password Security Best Practices

To learn more about how Password Security Best Practices can benefit your particular organization, call your RGTS Client Advocate or 212-282-2222 (toll-free: 800-699-9199).


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