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A Year of Stellar Growth and Expansion

Posted December 19, 2017 | RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company

It seems like just yesterday ConvergeOne was announcing the pending RGTS acquisition!

"We viewed RGTS as the perfect match for ConvergeOne with high caliber clients, highly skilled employees, and a complementary product portfolio," said Seth Frank, Vice President, Northeast Region. Since that morning in April 2017, the transaction has closed, and the full integration and expansion is on the move.  As the year nears an end, it's essential for all of our mutual clients to understand that this is only the beginning. Today, our clients have direct access to a broad list of partnerships and new technologies available to help you expand, change, and succeed based on your business plans.

Accelerating the Pace for 2018

Things only get better from here and if anyone thought 2017 was over, they were mistaken! ConvergeOne has advanced its master plan for success based growth by announcing a definitive agreement with Forum Merger Corporation, a special purpose acquisition company, on December 1, 2017. The ultimate benefit to all of our clients and ConvergeOne is that this transaction enables ConvergeOne to become a Nasdaq-listed public company. The anticipated enterprise value of the company is $1.2 billion with ConvergeOne remaining the largest shareholder of the new company. 

The future for ConvergeOne and our clients is incredibly bright based on the opportunity to accelerate existing and new growth initiatives as well as strategic expansions in collaboration, cloud, and security. Access to additional sources of funding, capital and increased liquidity provide ConvergeOne with the ability to address the technology and collaboration complexities of large enterprise and global companies with greater options than ever before. ConvergeOne's goal is to continue its leadership position in global IT services, providing even more impactful tools for our clients and the global market at large.

Our Focus Remains Your Success

As a new year approaches, we want you, our loyal and valued clients, to know we are committed to retaining our customer-centric culture with a keen focus on the well-being of your business. Each step in our evolution has been based on facilitating technologies and solutions designed to enable you to build a healthy business in this fast-changing and volatile world market.

"Looking forward to the enormous opportunities of the future, ConvergeOne takes great pleasure in wishing each of you and your employees the happiest of Holiday Seasons and much prosperity in the New Year!"




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