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A Winning Formula

Posted November 21, 2017 | RGTS - A ConvergeOne Company

Bringing Power to Your Future!

What does the acquisition of RGTS by ConvergeOne mean to our customers and New York?

Let's start with the mission and focus of the investment and what it means for your organization. Like all successful businesses, ConvergeOne developed a strategic approach to smart growth through the acquisition of specific companies already demonstrating strong market presence, solid and stable business reputations and synergies in technology, expertise, and culture. RGTS exceeded all criteria. They are well positioned in New York City and the Northeastern United States, providing the perfect blueprint necessary to continue the expansion of our joint national footprint.

Our technologies, services, and partnerships have proven to be highly compatible, assuring easy integration. Key to powering the unified business is the RGTS talent in addition to a well-established and loyal base of clients in the large and medium enterprise space. When you combine all of these factors, the new and growing company gives us the opportunity to provide the business community, your business, with an incredible option for even more success in the future.


Making Your Business Our #1 Priority

Critical to successful growth through acquisition is a complete understanding of both companies beyond the basics. The process specifically requires knowledge of both corporate culture and philosophy. ConvergeOne and RGTS have enjoyed a long partnership and mutual respect for the capabilities and business practices of their respective companies.  It was through this relationship that conversations began regarding a permanent melding of the organizations. Ultimately, those discussions led to a thorough evaluation by both Boards of Directors to ensure a successful acquisition and transition for each business and their clients. We believe one of the most critical elements in the evaluation process was discovering the shared commitment to excellence in customer service, customer experience, and customer success, as a hallmark of the accomplishment.


A World of Technology

Technology growth and market demand continue to accelerate with all businesses searching for solutions demonstrating simplicity, speed, and collaboration on a global level. Through ConvergeOne, the RGTS clients will benefit from robust products, solutions, services, and infrastructure. Moreover, the combined company provides exceptional partnerships with Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, IBM, and Genesys. ConvergeOne is also part of the International Alliance Program focusing on integrated technologies extending beyond the US borders through connections with technology companies and experts worldwide. These relationships enable ConvergeOne to be a single point of contact for the client ensuring seamless, geographically borderless technology solutions and services.

"Together, ConvergeOne and RGTS deliver a broad portfolio of telecommunications and technology capabilities across the nation and to every market segment," said Seth Frank, Vice President, Northeast Region. "Not only are our combined offerings extremely compatible, but we believe our joint clients will benefit by ConvergeOne’s investments in advanced technologies including collaboration, cloud, and services, ultimately providing more choice and flexibility.”



A Winning Formula

Ingrained in the overarching journey of ConvergeOne is the philosophy and commitment in which every technology, service, acquisition, and partnership focuses on the client.  The definition of achievement means dedication and promise to:

  • Provide each client with a unique experience based on the highest levels of technical and design expertise available,
  • Deliver integrated solutions with the ability to serve the client regardless of geography,
  • And, to partner with extraordinary companies leading the global disruption in our industry today. 

As a result, ConvergeOne has become a leading IT service provider of collaboration and technology solutions for the large and medium enterprise. This accomplishment directly relates to our clients and their knowledge that ConvergeOne's future is tied to their business success.

"With RGTS, their products, talent, and loyal clients as an integral addition, we look forward to the next chapter in our mutual growth. ConvergeOne remains committed to using our joint creativity and innovation to produce exceptional communications solutions for our clients said Seth Frank, Vice President, Northeast Region.




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